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Can I refer my friends to Extrabux?
Yes! When you refer a new member to Extrabux, you earn a $5 bonus, plus we match 5% of your friend's earnings for the first year and give it to you. Your friends get a $20 bonus when they sign up too!
How do I receive my cash back payments?
Once you have earned at least $10 Available cash back and made at least one purchase (the cash back earnings exceed $1) , you can receive a cash back payment. To request a payment, first select a payment method, and then log in to your Extrabux account and click the "Request Payment button. You can receive cash back payments via check in the mail or through PayPal. We also give you the option of donating your cash back to a charity. Payments are typically sent within 5 business days.
Is my shopping information secure?
Yes, your shopping information is secure and private. While we can see which stores you visit, we do not collect information on the items you browse while you're on the store's website. The store will notify us of the order details and order amount 1-7 days after you complete your purchase. Extrabux will always be free and will never sell your email address to anyone. Extrabux does not collect credit card information.
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